Creating their own rules as they pave the way for a new genre of bloggers who don't compromise their values for the sake of followers, these twins have together built a niche brand that people are gradually learning to love.


What makes them Badass is their willingness to be unique and not sell their creative soul in this wave of commercialism. 







Tell us about yourself and how you entered the realm of blogging?

We wanted to satiate and explore a lot of creative avenues like designing, art directing, styling, photography, writing and set creations. To be able to do that and for a personal and independent expression-blogging came along.

What is the story behind both, your old names and new ones? Why the shift?

Terrible Twos was meant to be young, funky and fresh with a lot of mischief and focus on us a lot more. Touch and Be is a more serious digital platform with four segments- Fashion, culture, health and stories of people/places/things and anything that piques our interest. We wanted to make a bigger creative space for collaborating and creating with various artists.

What are your strengths and weaknesses? 

Our strength is in creativity and the ability to reach out to people and channelize the best of them. Our weakness would be each other. 

Your style of blogging is different and not very commercial (which is why we think you are badass!) Is it a conscious effort or organic?

We have made a conscious effort to be less commercial. It took us time and a lot of effort to say-No! Losing out a few projects at first was difficult but people who like our work and quality; have come back to us.


Zona & Zina by Nourie Flayhan




expressive &



high on quality how they define their Aesthetic.


What is the percentage of your style to the brand’s style when collaborating with one?

We stick to the brands guidelines but the styling is entirely ours as that is a huge aspect of our portal.


Are you selective about your collaborations or promotions?

Yes! We have made a lot of decisions solely on quality of clothing, brand value and it hasn’t been easy. We don’t want people to think we don’t like their brand but time and experience has taught us to be more honest to ourselves and thus it translates in our work. We haven’t done any online promotions.


How do you pick whom to work with? What are the qualities you seek?

Brand value, luxury and quality. Honesty to one’s own brand and hard work has always attracted us to work with someone.


Have you faced sexism so far? If so, how did you tackle it?

No. luckily we haven’t. Even if we have subtly faced it, it has never stopped us from doing what we wanted to.


Do you think the social media game is getting way to commercial and unoriginal where most influencers promote any and everything? How do you steer away?

It has not bothered us yet only because its so easy to fake a lifestyle and people who follow us are loyal, original and stay true to us. We don’t have to worry about losing them since we are not buying them. It’s a voluntary decision to be with us.


Favourite Influencers

What is the process of content creation that you go through? Is one of you good with ideas and other execution?

We both take turns in doing so. The procedure usually starts with a thought, mood board, planning, deciding designers, graphics and a human touch with real experiences. 


Do you always agree on ideas? How do you settle a clash?

No, we don’t but we always come to a consensus which works best for the company.


How disciplined are you when it comes to work ethic? Any suggestions for fellow freelancers?

We work from home and there's a fixed time when we get to work.

  • Make your own rules and routine.
  • Prioritise and see what is more important to you.
  • Do not take time lightly- specially others time!


Is there a vibe or a message you want your feed to convey?

Be honest to yourself and help people as much as you can with whatever you have. Also, express yourself!


What comes to your mind when you think of the word “Badass”?

A person who takes no crap from anyone and stands up for other people too.


What makes a Badass Woman, “Badass” in your opinion?

A woman who does what she wants and realizes that the biggest strength she has lies in being a woman









Nupur Goenka Gupta,



Gaar ToufiQ &


Every woman who is a MOTHER


.. is a BADASS Woman for Zoya & Zina


What tips do you have for girls who are still discovering their passions?

Explore, experiment and don’t be scared to know yourself or stand up for yourself.


Any suggestions for the millennial girl hustling towards making a Badass impression in this overcrowded media frenzied world?

Create original content and don’t worry about a number that follows you.


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