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Born & Brought up in New York, Columbia bred Dr. Kiran Lohia moved to Delhi a few years ago and within a short span of time through her work managed to attract a cult following that ranges from loyal clients to an avid social media community. She juggles solo motherhood and her very own dermatology practice at Isya Derm Clinic with what appears as seamless ease, when actually it is all tedious management. Her youthful glowy skin, cheerful yet calm persona and glam life might seem charming, but it takes a load of work.
We adore how she has taken her career to the next level without compromising on taking care of her 2 year old daughter Raina. In this exclusive interview with BeBadass we chat with the Badass Doctor to understand how she manages her skin, her daughter and her work so successfully.

How did the move to India happen?

I moved to India for my now soon to be ex-husband.
Otherwise I am a born and raised New Yorker, although I am also proud to be in Delhi now!


How difficult was it to relocate and settle down in Delhi?

It was very difficult to relocate to Delhi- especially because it was initially hard to make friends. Social support is key, that’s what makes a house a home after all. Also, I wasn’t working much in Delhi when I first moved so work is also a great anchor. Once I started working full time and made friends, Delhi became home for me!


How do you balance work life and motherhood?

 I balance work and motherhood with great effort and organisation.
I work less hours at the clinic and schedule my work around her so I can spend as much time with her as possible. I include her in my meditations, gratitudes and daily exercise routines so she learns how to live life healthily while also interacting with me. I try to do meals with her so she learns how to eat well at the table, and I take her out to whatever social events I may have to attend as well. But I still do try to make sure I make some time for myself so I can gain strength and be the best mother I can be. That might be practicing the piano or calling some family over to talk a bit, but me time is an absolute must!


PC : Grazia

PC : Grazia

Any time management tips?

 Time management for me means sleeping less🙈.
I wake up and my day starts right off with getting Raina up, then doing my gratitudes, meditation and exercise with Raina. I intersperse whatever work I need to do in for my home in between when she is napping, and then I work, where I stay focused so I can get everything done in a short time period. Once work is over, I try not to work, except study  (which I love doing) and write and ideate about new therapies after Raina sleeps. Once Raina goes to bed, like other mothers do, that is when I get a lot of my work done. 



How do you take care of yourself (physically & mentally) as a busy working mother?

 I do meditation 5-10 mins a day, listen to paath, practice my gratitudes in the morning with Raina and throughout the day, exercise 5 days a week, and try to live and eat healthily. Whenever my thoughts turn negative or I feel overwhelmed, I force myself to recognize that I can handle what comes my way and that I have no control on the future and that I am in God’s hands. Then I shift my attention to another topic and move on.


As a dermatologist what is your definition of beauty?

 Beauty for me is both external and internal. A beautiful woman is not one that looks perfect – she is the one who is at home with herself and her body. She may want to improve it, but she enjoys herself and takes strength from her own power. A internally powerful woman is truly beautiful and has her own glow that is unparalleled.


Do you think beauty plays a role in female empowerment?

Female empowerment does not require beauty.
In fact the empowered female is already beautiful.

PC : Abhishek Bali for Elle

PC : Abhishek Bali for Elle


What are your goals as a doctor?

 I am a doctor, not a businesswoman.
My goals are great patient care, and to make life better for my clients. I never consider myself a businesswoman per se. I am an employer though, and I pride myself on trying to find ways to empower my employees to make the right decisions, and to improve motivation. 


Acne and dark complexion, still remain taboo in India. How do you tackle them?

 Acne is a medical condition that needs to be treated, which I do.
Dark complexion, when genetic is truly beautiful and so I encourage clients to practice self-acceptance. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are dusky. The concept of “fair is beautiful” is simply a concept! 


Do you recommend any home remedies/DIY?

I am a fan of the ice cube facial - take an ice cube and rub it all over your face for a few minutes- instant glow and pore tightening effect


Three holy grail products/tips for good skin?

·       no foam for your skin - dries it out and ages it

·       use vitamin C creams or serums once a day for anti-oxidant and skin strengthening effect

·       wear sunblock


Three mistakes people make when it comes to their skin?

·      they over-cleanse - too much cleansing damages the skin and forces it to create more oil

·      they try too many products at the same time - this will often cause acne or rashes

·      they wear too many layers of makeup and don’t wash it off - thereby causing acne


What is the right time/age for:

·       Night Cream & Eye Cream -  can start at any age - just depends on concern and ingredient used

·       Anti-ageing -  can start in the early to mid 20’s when collagen starts to degrade more than it is created

·       Peels - can start in early to mid-twenties as well when skin damage starts to show

·       Facials - in this pollution I suggest this monthly or every two months for nearly everyone who is above puberty if they have blackheads and whiteheads. If your skin is perfect, leave it mostly alone except for preventative care.

·       Cosmetic Surgery - depends on concern and psychological stress involved - but at least above age 18 to ensure you are clear on your reasons for undergoing the same


Are mental health and skin connected?

Mental health and skin are enormously connected. In fact your skin has its own stress response system and many skin diseases are affected by stress


What are some things about beauty you would teach your daughter?

I would teach my daughter to appreciate her own characteristics. I would guide her that self-confidence is infinitely more attractive than a nice nose. And it is self-reliance and poise that will last you. When it comes to beauty and self-beautification - do it out of enjoyment or gentle improvements- not out of insecurity. Because no external fix can fix your own internal insecurities


Define a Badass woman

A badass woman knows her own power and strength and wields it with responsibility and compassion.


Name some Badass women who inspire you

Priyanka Chopra inspires me, as does Whitney Wolfe Herd.
Indra Nooyi & Serena Williams.
These are all strong powerful women that achieved despite innumerable obstacles through sheer will.


Your advice to busy women (/and mothers) who forget to take care of themselves while trying to balance life.

If you don't take care of yourself- you can’t take care of anyone else around you. Once you care for you, everything becomes easier and you become the role model for your child.