Her face is as synonymous as is her talent versatile. You've seen her in movies, in ads (she's the tinder girl!), as a fashion diva in magazine spreads and most of all as that cool girl on stage lost in her own world.
She's the girl you either want to be friends with, or want to trade lives with.
Lead vocalist at hip dance/electronic Rock
band MOSKO, she's also recently launched her own single UNDERSCORE exclusively with Apple music.

In this exclusive interview with BeBadass.in Kavya Trehan lets us understand her charismatic personality and shares notes on the entertainment industry from the fresh perspective of a rising pop-star.

What’s your favourite - singing, song-writing or acting?


You’ve studied psychology. Do you get to apply it in life at all?

Absolutely. I was introduced to the concept of unconditional empathy only in college, which is thoroughly utilised.

You’ve stated in an interview that you connect more with animals than with humans. Why do you think that is?

Even as an extrovert, I feel like I’m most comfortable with my cats during times of balling my eyes out.

Is music your life, or your escape from life?

My life, my love, my mistress and my soul.

In an interview you also mention, fame isn’t what you chase. Are you chasing anything at all?

 I’m chasing the better version of myself each and every day.

What is your idea of success? Do you think you are successful right now?

My idea in success lies in holistic development and the ability to share it. I am successful in small feats but there is a lot more growing up to do.


Can professional and personal life be separate for a creative soul like you?

There is a thin line, but I always make a mental note of when to switch on/off each side because there are different types of lessons to be learnt in each.

How can inspiration and authenticity co-exist?

They are like sides to the same coin. Without inspiration, one can’t have the excitement of then creating something of their own, which then inspires one to do more. And then when that goes on and on - you’re on fire.

Your weakness and your strength?

Weakness would be my adamant nature of doing things myself, but strength - the chosen people I surround myself with that can easily ignore my stubborn nature.

Music looks like a relatively calm profession. Share some struggles and ugly BTS that people wouldn’t know.

It’s not calm. It’s a world-wind of emotions, self made pressure and timelines, creative madness, small joys and massive highs. I struggle with technicalities though regarding stages post the creation of tracks, which is, marketing, PR, management etc.

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I am reckless on stage and very pragmatic off it.

- Kavya Trehan

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If you could have sex with one artist, dead or alive, who would it be?

I’m all fun, but a very reserved person when it comes to my personal life.
But, something about G Dragon is so alluring!!

What does the word Badass mean to you?

Brutally authentic.


Name some Badass women who inspire you

Sangeeta and Khyati Trehan.

Your advice to girls who dream of stepping into the entertainment business?

No body knows you better than yourself, so don’t give anyone the keys to the choices your core wants to make, and have the stomach to face consequences of those choices.


IMAGE COURTESY - Kavya Trehan ; VOGUE.IN ; GQ ; CurrentMood Mag ; highonscore ; rolling stones