She rose to stardom for her convincing portrayal of ‘Kukoo’ a transgender in Netflix original Sacred Games, but she wasn’t always an actor. With a degree in Finance and a history of corporate 9-5 in Dubai, Kubbra quit her job at Microsoft when she thought she got too comfortable. With her mother’s support along her own ambitious dreams she took the plunge and moved to Bombay, to become a model and an emcee. Shortly after she bagged major TV commercials, started hosting well known shows (Pro Kabbadi, Filmfare etc.) and even tip toed into acting with minor roles in Ready and Sultan. The fact that she is a part of Gully Boy a major upcoming film, goes to prove how well she has proven her talent as an actor in the film industry.
While everybody believes comfort is the key to happiness, this BadassBoss chose to step out of her comfort zone in order to seek joy and attain success. In this exclusive interview with BeBadass, Kubbra sheds light on changing careers and chasing dreams.

The major differences between being an emcee & an actress?

The audience is what you see through your eyes and physically in the moment, also it’s instant gratification.
As an actor the audience is through the lens, and the response is about the collective effort.

Any similarities?

Both have a rush of adrenaline and dopamine.

Which is more difficult & which one do you prefer?

Anchoring is second skin to me. I’m still realising me as an actor. I’m a director’s actor, so I am still to think on my own, but I am all about the collaborative effort.

How and when did you realize that you wanted to act?

When you move to Mumbai from a different city, you always want to be an actor. So in my head I’ve always been an actor. But, I realised the difference between acting and hamming over the years.

Has your journey so far been a smooth slide or bumpy ride?

It’s been a ride of learnings, experiences, experimenting. Having no father figure has its own perks. You learn as you go. I’m an adaptive learner.

From a corporate job to being an emcee to becoming an actress, was it a planned path or a natural course?

It was a calculated risk course.
You can’t prepare yourself for the drift but you can, learn from the curve balls it throws at you. I’m a sportive learner and an excited human in general, so it helps.


Everything has its time.
Everything happens when it’s meant to be.

- Kubbra Sait

Any career moves you regret?

I could’ve skipped some of the projects that I did. Although, it was another important day of facing the camera for me. I wouldn’t be here without my choices, so I respect each one of them.

Would you have made the career switch sooner if you could rewrite your past?

I was preparing in my past for the present, I’m preparing now for my future. So no, everything has its time. Every thing happens when it’s meant to be. No use trying to sprint, when you’re built for the marathon.

Do you think ageism exists in the entertainment industry? Have you experienced it?

If you look the part you play it. If you can be the part you play it. Ageism is a concept that is fading, with the avenues to explore talent these days. Also, I respect age, and I’ve always wanted to age gracefully. I love age. I’ve only grown better. I’m like wine.

Is it ever too late to change lanes in life, personally & professionally?

We are products of the choices we make, and it’s never too late to pick and revisit the choices one takes, professionally or personally. I am not bogged down by my choices, I learn and get better with them. It’s contextual not reprimanding.

What should one keep in mind when making a major switch in their life?

Make sure you feel what you do for the right reasons. Never make money the main motivator. Always look at yourself like a brand. Develop your skills as you move up the curve. Don’t disrespect the smaller stages of the career.

Share three pieces of wisdom that you have learnt so far from your three different professional roles in life.

  • It’s important to write good emails. The ones that are concise, clear, have good vocabulary and punctuation.

  • Don’t underestimate professionalism and preparation.

  • Be open to learning and growing.

Dubai, Bombay or Bangalore?

Dubai for the glamour.
Mumbai for the ambition.
Bangalore for the dosa.

Would you want to try your hand in any other industry or in any other area in the same industry in a few years?

I will always be open to more, I’ve always been about expanse. I’d love to write someday.

Can you ever go back to your 9-5 job?

I wouldn’t go back to a 9-5 job. But I treat myself as a product of the same, so I respect my time and everyone else involved.


Who is a Badass woman?

A woman who is confident, ambitious and not afraid to be comfortable in her skin. Don’t let the world dictate to you, who you should be. Set an example and revel in the best of who you are.

Name a few Badass women who inspire you.

Ellen DeGeneres.
Priyanka Chopra.
Yasmin Sait (My mother).

Your words of wisdom to women who are too scared to make the switch personally or professionally.

Your fear is the stopping you from greatness. So be your best version. Look at yourself, you’re amazing. You are your own validation. Love yourself, and don’t ever undervalue or underestimate yourself. You’re awesome.