Lingerie ObsessioN.. 

..has been redefined by this blogger. 


She took something she loved and combined it with a social cause, starting a campaign on her Instagram promoting body positivity through acceptance. Her ability to create something that has a greater purpose than development of a personal brand is what makes this bold lady in our opinion a totally #BADASSBOSS

Learn about her journey in an exclusive interview with BeBadass..

Around what age did you realize your passion for lingerie?
It hit me like a truck when I was 22.

When and how did you initiate your blog?
As I was researching about lingerie and learning about the trends, I realized that there wasn’t even a single lingerie blog for Indian women. It was a couple of months later that I decided to begin one myself. I put up my first blog post in January, 2016.  

You mention you are an engineer by profession? Do you still continue your day job?
I’m a computer science engineer by education but, I’m a freelance writer by profession. Yes, I still create content and write scripts.

If so, how do you balance that with this blog?
Blogging is my passion. It is food for my soul. Besides, I work from home so, it’s not that difficult.

Tell us about your inspiration behind Hate-Loss?
 When I started putting up my pictures on the blog, my friends and other women used to tell me how they’d kill to have a body like me. I could never take it as a compliment rather I used to feel awkward. I could never see why one would even want to have someone else’s body instead of their own unique self. That’s when I came up with the idea of a campaign, which would promote body acceptance and self-love. So, instead of #WeightLoss, I’m all about #HateLoss!

Have you heard of a story under the “Hate-Loss” campaign that really shocked/inspired you?
Every story is different. But, the most heart breaking ones are those which involve shaming by a family member or relative. To all those relatives, you have no right to ask us to lose weight, or shame us for our breast size or skin complexion. You are family. You are supposed to support and encourage us. Shaming is the last thing we expect from you.

Growing up did you face any body shaming?
Oh yes! I have dark circles under my eyes since childhood. And, throughout my adolescence, literally every person I met used to give me unsolicited advice on how to fix them. It used to be super awkward and affected my confidence big time!

Any reason behind not revealing your name and face? Is it because of the stigma attached to the subject of your blog, in Indian society?
I am not a name or a face. I represent every girl, who's struggling through body issues and trying to love herself.


"Maybe. Maybe Not."

Do you think you would ever want to share your identity in the future?

Do you think India addresses body shaming as an issue appropriately?
We are all for a flat stomach and, we worship fair skin. We consider it as our duty to offer unwanted and unsolicited advice to people about their imperfections. With this kind of perspective, it’s surely going to take us a long time to address body shaming as a real issue.

What can we as educated millennial women do differently to acknowledge the issue and spread awareness?
We need to realize our self-worth. We need to give each other compliments. We need to smile at each other, instead of comparing ourselves. We need to support and encourage each other. This is what we need to do, for us and for our sisters.

Have you had any hateful comments or messages?
Interestingly, I don’t get a lot of them. But once in a while, a gentleman would see skin and, think the person posting these images is 'loose', which in turn reflects on their narrow minded personality. And, he’ll decide that a lewd message or a picture would be a good idea to initiate a conversation.

How do men perceive your social media and react to the Hate-Loss project?
Except for some unsolicited advices and propositions, most of the men are respectful and, their love and support is overwhelming.

Are there women who dislike your visual content?
Not at all! They absolutely love my content. In fact, I receive such heartwarming messages from women. It’s so encouraging to know that they love the initiative and are proud of me for doing this. :)

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Future Plans for HateLoss?

"As of now, I only intend to share stories. I want everyone to realize that no one is perfect and everyone is fighting their own war. There’s just no point of wanting someone else’s body or life in exchange of yours."

What comes to your mind when you think of the word “Badass”?
Just one word, BRAVERY.

What makes a Badass Woman, “Badass” in your opinion?
A badass woman cannot be contained. She knows what she’s doing and, is still prepared for the consequences, no matter what they maybe. She knows what she wants and how to get it.

Who do you consider to be a Badass woman/women?
There are so many for them! But, for me the most badass woman is my mother.

What tips do you have for girls who are still discovering their passions?
Keep discovering. Stick with one thing and work on it. Sooner or later, you will see results. And, if you still think it’s not working for you, move on. Find something else to be passionate about. But, always be passionate about something. It polishes you as a person.

Any suggestions for the millennial girl hustling towards making an impression in this media frenzied world?
Not everything needs to be on your social media. Be a little mysterious. Let them guess! ;)


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