..are the titles of a few of this millennial's many renegade photography series.

She is a 25 year old fearless female who likes to get people talking about some taboo yet relevant  issues by using her creatively conceptualised images. As a 14 year old she was diagnosed with stage 4 Bone Cancer that took her 1.5 years to defeat. Her attitude towards her past illness, the guts to address it on various platforms in order to create awareness, while emerging as a talented photographer who is not only good at her job but also uses her medium to convey socially germane messages is why she is a #BADASSBOSS

In this exclusive interview with BeBadass, Roshini talks about her Cancer and its inspiringly creative impact on her life.


Were you creative as a child?

I was definitely artistic! I loved drawing, I also in fact loved clicking pictures!


Can you think of the first artistic piece you made?

The earliest I can remember are my art class books that were filled with various sketches! I did love drawing houses a lot, realistic ones.


Were you a happy child?

I was honestly happy until I got to a stage were people started judging me and it got to my head. After which I was drowning in self consciousness and fear of judgement.

CANCER SURVIVOR - ROHSINI's SELF PORTRAIT SERIES to share her story "proudly" with the world


How did you react once you found out about your Cancer?

I was shocked, I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have cancer. But mostly I was sad that I couldn't go back to school for a long time.


Do you think you missed out on your adolescence because of your illness? Do you miss it?

For a while I did think that the year I missed was the most important and I missed out on so many things, but from what I gained out of this experience the loss is not measurable so it really doesn't matter anymore.


How did the experience shape your life, personally?

It made be this positive, badass unicorn I am today. If it wasn't for my cancer I don't think I would have had the balls to be myself.


Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 11.33.13 pm.png




.. gave me the balls to be who I wanted to the same way it gave me the courage to take up art, photography, fashion as my calling.





How did it influence your creative side?

Like I mentioned above it really gave me the balls to be who I wanted to the same way it gave me the courage to take up art, photography, fashion as my calling. It helped me experiment, evolve and discover ( things I still continue doing) with myself and my art without fear of judgement.


What kept you strong during that phase?

It was my positivity that kept be strong and going. I never thought I was going to die, even when there were almost 10-15 days I would be a complete vegetable and even the doctors weren't fully certain I would be 100% cured. I always looked forward to the wonderful future I had waiting for me. I think it's positivity and manifestation that gave me the strength to move through this.


Once it was over, did you bounce back instantly or was it a gradual process, mentally and physically?

It was gradual. I hadn't walked in 6 months. So just that took me a month or 2 to do properly. I hadn't been back to the real world you can say, so it took me a while to get used to everything. The hospital was literally my home before this. Mentally it took me time as well to adjust to my new life, and practice this new perspective to life that I had learnt through my experience.


Everybody says crisis shapes you as a person, but it does scar you as well. Do you agree?

I think it depends how the person handles it! Yes the experience was painful both physically and mentally but because of what it has given me in life I rarely see it as a scar or a trauma. I many times even say it was a blessing. I learnt so many things about life at such a young age which no education could have provided me. That definitely is a win for me!


Has your optimist/pessimist status changed from before to after cancer?

Definitely become more optimistic, I don't let negative thoughts consume me anymore. It has taken time to get there, but it is possible.


Your response to sympathy, then and now?

More than sympathy I think my empathy has increased. I was always an empathetic person but after this it has definitely made me more aware and understanding.


How do you think your life would have been different had you not gone through the Cancer episode?

To be honest, I think I would have been miserable. Consumed by people's judgements, societal pressures and general sadness.


What would you say to teenagers going through an illness, bullying, mental issues, parental distress etc.

That you're not alone and you can get through this. EVERYONE is going through some sort of pain and suffering, it's just the way we handle it that matters. Strength comes from inside you, everyone has it, you just have to find that and push through. Get help if necessary, there is nothing wrong in asking for help! Talk to people about things and try your best to not let the negativity get to you. Positive thoughts can be more powerful than you think!


What do you think about romanticizing sorrow? Vicious cycle or virtuous muse?

I think it can be a vicious cycle if overdone, which it's becoming. It's also becoming a trend. Of course artists use their pain to push forward and create but romanticizing pain sometimes takes away from how serious these things can be and like I said become a sort of trend influencing young minds the wrong way. I believe pain in its own way can be everyone's lesson and a blessing for you to evolve. Yes, you can use it, more than romanticise just be open about it, be real that it exists, deal with it in positive ways and share that if you may. That will help and inspire people more than romancticizing it.


In the age of social media, opinions are everything. How do you tackle opinions/judgements?

I think these days people don't know the difference between just being plain judgemental and having an opinion about something. People’s opinions don't bother me unless it is something important, then I will of course consider it.


Do you think creative souls are deep down super sensitive? Are you one?

Yes definitely, I think most creative people are, since the creativity itself stems from a deeper level. I think I am, sensitive in a way that I'm aware and mindful of things. 


Does Creativity always need Context?

Not at all. Art and creativity is subjective to each individual anyway. I like keeping an explanation behind why I did this or what my main ideas are but after that it's up to you! 


How important is Context to you and how do you decide upon one?

Explaining too much about the context kills it. My decisions are usually made from what I'm passionate about! I'm driven to make changes and help people, so most of my subjects for conceptual art stems from this drive.


In a creative field, success is subjective. Is it a good thing or a bad one?

To each their own. Some want the external success and some want internal. I’m no one to judge that. For me success is not fame, money or power. I look at personal growth and personal improvement. I want to help people, change the world. Not just make money to help myself. This can be bad for you in terms of financial needs, that's where you find a middle ground and do a little of both.


Who is a Badass Female to you?

Anyone who has the strength not only overcome things but also build others up with you!


Name some Badass Women who inspire you.

I would like to keep these closer to home like my mom and grandmom and even all my girlfriends.


Your words to girls who find you inspirational and would want to be as bold as you.

I’m honestly driven by helping people and I will do all I can in my power. Through my work I want to help and inspire people and make them realise that the power and strength they're looking for is already within them!

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