The idea behind Her Story India was born out of a need to find an intellectual community of diverse yet like minded women.
The founders - Niranthara and Vishala went to school together and after finishing their degrees in the social sciences from UK, the two reconnected on their shared values of feminism back home in Chennai.

Her Story India’s 1st event in Chennai

Her Story India’s 1st event in Chennai

They wanted to create a wider platform for the trailblazing individuals and the unsung heroes who have impacted women through their work. They also hope to challenge the existing patriarchal rhetoric through discussions on unspoken topics in India. The subjects they tackle will range the gamut from political, social and economic issues to personal and cultural matters. 

Our idea is to create an empowering space where people come together to dismantle limiting stereotypes, seek inspiration from those who have led pioneering lives and give voice to their opinions, their passion and their angst without fear of judgement.

The founding ladies want Her Story to be a place where both men and women feel welcome to come talk, explore, debate or just listen and learn. Even if you’re completely new to feminism and curious about its relevance to your life, you’ll find that our events are approachable and thought-provoking. Our hope is that Her Story will grow into an intellectually vibrant community that accommodates varied viewpoints and stimulates conversations that positively impact how people think and act in their daily lives.