I’ve always been intrigued by make-up and skincare and growing up around my grandmother only intensified my love for this industry. I’d sit by her side and watch her make her own lip balms, lip tints and kajals, forever intoxicated by the various ingredients she used. - Pallavi

A chemical engineer by profession, Pallavi Mohoni adopted conscious and holistic lifestyle while studying in America. Her fascination with makeup combined with her educational knowledge led her to study the ingredients in off the rack products - most of which she found aren’t ideal for our skin and bodies. The next four years she spent trying and testing multiple clean ingredients to develop products that not only didn’t harm you but instead nourished you. She moved back to India in 2017 and started Luaer.

The word Luaer is derived from a French word meaning 'glow'. The reason she chose the name was because she feels each of us is born with an inner radiance and inner glow and her brand’s offerings are just a means to highlight her customers’ already existing glow! 

One of her main challenges while developing this range of lipsticks was to create a clean lipstick that is perfect in its concoction, comfortable to wear, nourishes and on top of it all fits the budget. The brand has launched with a range of five shades that go on from nude to deep reds. Each of these shades were tried tested and created for Indian skin tones over a span of four years. They have beautiful names derived from poetic Urdu words that add almost add soul to the product and remind you the love that each lipstick was created with.
You can also expect makeup removers and lip balms in the near future from Luaer along with an addition to the current shade range in lipsticks.