Pigmenta is an art supplies brand, committed to providing artists with high quality materials, at affordable prices. Their handmade watercolours are the first of their kind in India and the collections have been carefully curated to give the users a diverse range of unique colours that will add that extra bit of magic to their artwork.

An Artist at heart Pia had a major passion for material exploration which she believes is important for all artists. Having tried her hand at different mediums over the years, she invested a good chunk of her savings in some of the best art supplies by renowned brands as she realised that good quality is very important for great work. “A good product can really aid your creative process and fasten your work”, says Pia.  


She was curious about all that behind the scenes of the materials she used. Her curiosity made her dig deep into the the science behind it and the process behind creation of various art supplies. She wondered why the best products were always so expensive and difficult to source in India.
“I would wonder what made a particular product superior to the next brand,  So I started doing a lot of research on how art supplies are made.”
This led her to start up a blog where she reviewed various products from different brands that she tried personally concluded if they were worth the hype or not.
What began as a personal passion project , soon had her researching all kinds of techniques to create her own version of the best art supplies she so loves.

Ultimately after a decade long exploration and two years of R&D, Pigmenta was launched in 2017 out of Bangalore. As a niche brand like none other in India, it has already earned the patronage of many renowned illustrators and artists in India. You can expect to see some exquisite collections of watercolour shades as well as some hand products being added to the existing assortment of the brand real soon!