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The Indian visual space is massive and growing at a cut-throat pace every day. The list of online platforms which allow you to share your content is endless. While this is great for the creator, it also adds to the clutter, owing to which several great short films don’t get the attention they deserve.

Additionally, sifting through all the content that is available online is a tedious process for the viewer. Simplifying this is Shorted, a platform for short films all across the country, co-founded by Rosheena Zehra, a media professional and author herself.

The website consists of ratings and reviews of all major films in the space which are divided by genre, categories and festivals the viewer can easily navigate through. One of the two things the platform seeks to achieve is deliver the content through its narrow and focused search and save you a lot of time in getting exactly what you want.

Secondly, it aims to be a space for filmmakers where they can share, seek and get a sense of the content contemporary creators are engaging with. The idea is to democratise the process. Platforms which primarily showcase short films often stick to famous actors and high-end productions. Shorted attempts to change this by using the same yardstick for all kinds of production - a film by a renowned name is measured using the same index as one by a new filmmaker.

Every day the website features a film as part of its Short Film of the Day feature. The process of choosing it is based on an algorithm which does not judge the film based on the names involved in making it, but how competent the product is in itself. Consequently, a balance is maintained for both the consumer as well as the creator.

Commenting on the short film space, Rosheena says, “The Indian short film circuit is a constantly evolving force which is to be reckoned with. However, several of these films often don’t get the viewership they should get, which is what we are attempting to change with Shorted. It is also a great place for young filmmakers and actors to find each other and become part of this extremely interesting conversation about stories and the various ways that can be adopted to tell them.”


If you’re a filmmaker who is looking for a platform to showcase your film, you also have the option of submitting your film on for a refundable fee for reviewing and sharing purposes.

You can take a look at it here: