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Most of us have grown up synonymizing sleepwear with our old clothes. A proper night ensemble was apparently meant for the fancy beings who procured the same from their travels abroad because nothing of the sort existed in our country (those ugly maxi dresses do not count!).

This is exactly what Tanvi Goenka set out to change with the inception of her label Mystere Paris that specializes in sleepwear for women. The brand name itself reflects its aspirational approach and focus on fashion because nothing says fashion quite like Europe, France in particular. Tanvi was particularly keen on keeping an international feel while maintaining an Indian spine of the brand, which is why Mystere Paris is proudly Made in India.

The label provides apparel that is high quality and meets international standards of fashionable nightwear with an added element of comfort and quirk. The brand’s most loyal customers swear by their designs and styles that are always pushing the normative envelope while not costing a leg and an arm. The fact that Tanvi is keen on using high-quality fabrics to ensure comfort and focus on creating the trendiest and fun prints, goes to show how dedicated she is in putting her brand’s customers first.

The Mystere Paris girl is an Indian urban woman, living a life on her own terms. The brand has recently expanded its style file to be more inclusive and created some fabulous pieces for women who are expecting. Knowing how maternity wear is so rare, this has been a recent hot seller for the brand owing to their comfort fits and adorable prints that mothers-to-be swear by.

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The brand is popular with women who are willing to mindfully invest in a goodnight’s sleep because they know they deserve it. We at BeBadass believe that investing in your sleep is absolutely important as it is literally one-third of your day. How you sleep and what you sleep in, factors in more than you can even imagine!
So we recommend you do yourself a favour and go check out Mystere Paris’s website for their latest collection that will definitely impress you, no matter what your style. There’s something for everyone!

You can also find them on Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Firstcry, AJIO, and Amazon

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