Trayam is a luxury Ayurvedic skin care brand started by Divya Ananth, a yoga therapist by profession and a soap maker by passion along with Dr. Kajal Naresh Kumar an Ayurvedic doctor by profession. Based out of Mysore, a town known for its royal heritage & famed as the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga & Ayurveda, Trayam aims to make Ayurveda & Yoga available to everyone in a way that suits contemporary lifestyle.
This duo believes and practices the principles of Ayurveda and Yoga. Their main motto is to leverage the marriage of Ayurveda and Yoga to bring balance of the Body, Mind and soul.
This women run company also roots for sustainability and packages their products in eco friendly packaging with zero chemicals preservatives or any other additives. Each product is handmade & hand-packed & is made from ingredients that are pure and locally grown
The brand believes "if you cannot put it in your mouth , you can't put it on your skin", their products are so pure that they are actually edible & hence completely safe for kids as well. The aim of the founders was not to create just another skincare brand but to spread Ayurveda & yoga in its truest sense and heal people through their expertise in their respective fields.
Trayam has created the world’s first zero alcohol Ayurvedic hand sanitiser as well as the only Ayurvedic body brew you will ever find. Along with these innovations they offer a variety of hair care skincare products that heal and nourish in the most gentle way possible.
This duo are just in the beginning of their journey of getting the world to understand the long term advantages and benefits of Ayurvedic healing