If you’ve ever gone lingerie shopping (which obviously you have!) you would have noticed the two kinds of lingerie styles in the stores – either the fun seductive type or the boring comfy type. Finding a panty that fits your butt well and makes it look cute at the same time is rare, especially in the Indian market!
To fill this very gap, Joyita Banerjee a graphic designer by profession, started Underworld.

Now, while it may seem as easy as designing something on screen and then getting it on a fabric, it’s not that simple according to Joyita. During her research she discovered that there was a reason why most of the designs were limited to stripes or polka dots when it came to female underwear. “Rendering interesting graphics on little pieces of fabric is hard; something we learnt along the way. Designs that are not conducive to line-printing pose a tremendous challenge: lines have to be matched up and design elements have to be placed on specific parts of the undergarments.” says Joyita.


Currently her brand creates small collections of underwear, robes and vests to cater to all your lazy lounging needs for the weekends when you want to dress down and chill with yourself. Her products are not mass-produced, have unique designs, and are made with the softest modal fabric.

“Our undies are fun, and relaxed, while our loose ‘drapey’ ready-to-sleep wear is something you can throw on in a jiffy and lounge about in when you don’t feel like getting dressed.”

It’s a small brand at the moment driven by a passionate young girl who wants to bring a smile to the faces of her customers when they browse her products with adorable prints or wear them and check themselves out in the mirror. It’s a simple brand with a simple intention and that’s the charm of Underworld!

Check out Joyita’s wonderful startup and support the sisterhood by shopping, gifting and recommending her brand!