10 Life Lessons From Powerpuff Girls

When Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman the feminists all over the world lost their chill. Suddenly young girls had a female superhero to look up to and humanity seemed liked it’s on a path to the ultimate glory, representation followed hopefully by equality. Three Cheers to that!

But wait, we did have female superheroes growing up (If you’re a 90s kid!).

So what if they appeared 2D and had a limited set of expressions? They flew, they fought, heck they even had catchy names! Bubbles, Blossom, Buttercup! Genius  Craig McCracken ! (Creator 1998)

“Sugar Spice and everything nice (and Chemical X of course) the infamous ingredients that made these portable cuties is something all girls know by heart.

For those who don't know - The cartoon begins when Professor (just professor! lol) is creating 3 little girls out of sugar, spice & all things nice but accidentally spills a bottle of 'chemical X' which gives birth to superhuman trio of adorable kindergarden girls who devote their life to fighting crime before their bedtime.

In spite of the fact that most kids’ cartoons are (or rather were) made with a fundamental lesson in mind that taught kids a thing or two about the right way of life, Powerpuff girls somehow never fell under that stereotypical category. Instead, due to it’s female centric storyline, it neither ever fell under the ‘superhero-here-to-save-the-world’ category nor the ‘classic wholesome humour’ one. Despite this lack of recognition that the brilliant show deserved, we are here to share some extractions from the series that all ladies could use.


1) Women Are Stronger Together



2) Your Weirdness IS Your Uniqueness. Celebrate it!



3) Know Your Strengths


4) Size No Bar, Age No Bar, Gender No Bar



5) Everybody Get's Insecure, You're Not Alone!



6) Gingers, Brunettes & Blondes, All Are Equally Badass!



7) Never Mistake Sensitivity For Weakness


8) Girls Can Lift (& Fly!)



9) Women Can Save Men



10) Mojo Jojo Is Basically Trump



We understand how nostalgic AND shockingly inspired BUT nostalgic the above information will leave you, which is why to soothe your ailing innocence, we share this information - Powerpuff Girls is up again since 2016!

Revamped and brand new! 

You can consider us your Guardian Angel! 😇