We present to you our selection of perfumes created in India which are as fabulous, if not more, than the commercial high street & luxury names.

1) Bombay Perfumery




Chai Musk

This Bombay based perfumery has over 30 years of experience in the industry. Take that wisdom, and club it with the chicest packaging and we have a winner. We do not exaggerate when we say that they are the BEST and our preference is Chai Musk, a unisex fragrance inspired by the busy travels of India incomplete without a cup of Chai (Milk Tea)                                                                                                     

We applaud the fact that a brand has managed to take the local flavor of the country, revamp it in pleasantly novel combinations and give it a global appeal.

The price range for 100 ml Eau De Perfum is around I4000 which is pretty sweet! What’s amazing is that in case you are confused while purchasing online, which is normal, you can go for their Sample Kits for only 500. 




This Space Between You & Me

This is an artisanal perfumery where Jahnvi Dameron Nandan, creates and curates the most intense and unique scents you have ever come across. What we love is, that all of her scents have a meaningful story behind them.                                                                                               The one that we particularly love is ‘This Space between You & Me’ which is a creative collaboration between the late artist Hema Upadhyay and Jahnvi. The fragrance that took around 3 years to create was inspired by Hema’s artwork where she had planted seeds that bloomed to spell a letter to her parents. As a result the fragrance is earthy and fresh, yet emotional and warm. You can find the fragrance at selected Good Earth stores (Price on Request)

Disclaimer - While technically the fragrances are created partially in India and in Paris, they have an Indian touch, which is why they qualify for the list.






Anybody who has come across the brand knows that Forest Essentials can do no wrong. India's favourite 'luxururious ayurveda' brand has unique skincare products that are pure and authentic. They very recently launched their first range of fragrances featuring three scents (Gulab, Nargis, Jasmine) inspired by flowers that are a part of India's identity.

Our favourite is Nargis derived from the namesake flower from the valleys of Kashmir, for being refreshing and unique. Not many perfumeries have explored this flower or its scent which is why this is what you need if you want to stand out. 

50ml Perfume Intense will cost you 4200




Vetiver [Eternal Garden]

This one is a lot more commercial and lighter on your pocket with a wider variety of options. The creator behind the brand is Rajiv Sheth who has had over 16 years of experience in Grasse and Paris. He brings his Indian heritage together with his French exposure, producing some great fragrances.                                                                                                                                                                                      Eternal garden is collaboration between Rajiv Sheth and designer Krsnaa Mehta. The creative juices produced (pun intended) posses the soul of raw India with a contemporary façade.                                                                                                                                                           

 If you aren’t too extreme when it comes to your perfume, we suggest you try Eternal Garden which we recommend as a daily staple.                 

50 ml of Eau De Perfum from the range, comes at 1190 which is a steal!




Desi Gulab

This is one of those hidden treasures that probably nobody has heard of but needs to know pronto!

Located in Lucknow, the city of Nawabs, who btw along with their distant cousins Nizams were known for being intoxicatingly fragrant. This perfumery that dates back to the 1850s, is the one behind the mass popular label Sugandhco. This label was essentially createred to cater to the needs of their Industrial clients who use the purest unadulterated perfume oils to create your regular EDP and EDT etc. This is exactly why we love them, PURITY!

If you are allergic to alcohol, or simply prefer the more organic fineries or want to feel like the erstwhile royalty, Attar or Ittar (Persian origin meaning perfume) is what you need to get. Even though they have a variety of ittar concoctions, we suggest you pick one of their Rose (Gulab)  Ittars that are made of the finest Roses from Kannauj (perfume town known for it’s fragrant Indian Roses) Considering its essentially just oil, you need to literally dab a little on your pulse points. A little goes a long way, take our word.

This is by far the most cheapest with 20ml of the pure perfume oil going upto only 1000 depending on your selection, it lasts upto a good 6-7 months. Not Kidding!!


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