Missguided, the UK based fast fashion brand that has an image synonymous with an all out, in your face Sass.Well, at least they used to be till they improvised and upgraded to Substantial Sass with their wise collaborations (Baddie Winkle & Amber Rose) and inspiring campaigns.

They made a hell of an impression in November when they released images of their swimwear models without a trace of airbrush (on model's bodies) along with the following pledge on their website - "As part of our new #KEEPONBEINGYOU campaign we’re on a mission to inspire babes the world over to love themselves, for themselves, to embrace your flaws, and to not strive for what the world perceives as perfection. Because f*ck perfection, it doesn’t exist. We strive on female empowerment and we want all of our babes to #keeponbeingyou, celebrate what makes you unique, embrace your “flaws” and truly #MakeYourMark! We’re on a mission to inspire you to feel unashamedly confident in being yourself. Ignore the haters and always strive to be that little bit extra. Just be you babe, because there is no other way! 

We are making a pledge to never retouch our models’ perfect ‘imperfections’ out."

Images : Missguided

Images : Missguided

Yes Asos declared that they wouldn’t airbrush their swimwear models in June, but it is still a big deal considering the majority of the industry worldwide does not have the balls/boobs to take a step into the direction of pro-feminist reality.

Come December, the label launched another edition of it's #MakeYourMark (part of the bigger #KeepOnBeingYou) campaign which features yet again completely un-retouched 9 “babes of misguided” featuring models, social activists and bloggers who were chosen to encourage women to "love themselves," embrace their "flaws," and reject what "the world perceived as perfection."


The social media has responded in joyful support as have we, although we just wonder how many names can do this as boldly as Missguided has done it, if at all that is. We love how they have tried be as inclusive as possible using REAL women of all sizes and colour! Let's admit it that coming up with a 'Plus Size' line is not enough, you need to make them a part of the overall campaign too and not keep it as a forced charity situation so that your brand just looks inclusive! 

Let's see if in our lifetime we ever see Ashley Graham closing or opening the Victoria's Secret Show.