The Movement #MeToo started by activist Tarana Burke 10 years ago, resurfaced this year as one of the biggest eye openers for the world. It is one of the most popular social activism hashtags in this age of digital activism encouraging women and men to speak up against powerful men getting away with sexual assaults. Actress and activist Alyssa Milano is the one who helped the hastag go viral this year.

Owing to the global phenomenon that this became, Time Magazine recognised The Silence Breakers (the individuals who spoke publicly about sexual harassment & assaults aka #MeToo) as their Time Person Of The Year 2017. This is a big win for the movement and a moment of celebration for the recognition it brings to the cause. Now the Times Square Alliance has decided to honour the founder of the movement Tarana Burke by letting her be the one who presses the button at the Time's Square famous annual Ball Drop.

" I am delighted to be participating in this momentous occasion, I think it's fitting to honor the Me Too movement as we close a historic year and set our intentions for 2018. With the new year comes new momentum to fuel this work and we won't stop anytime soon."  - Burke (Press Release)

This goes on to show how the power of social media can raise awareness while instigating people to join in and amplify an otherwise subdued issue into a full blown global movement.