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If you are somewhere around 25 and have started noticing those minute lines that nobody else seems to notice, join the gang! Don’t hate your boyfriend or mother or best friend if they disagree or deny, they simply aren’t as inclined towards details as you are. Well, as long as you see it, it’s true! Your lifestyle has finally caught up with your skin and is throwing proof in your face (quite literally).

Did you really think your genes are gonna conquer the boozy nights with your ex, the all night Netflix with your best friend, the times when you fell asleep in your makeup, the lack of water intake, the staring into your phone in the dark and many more neglects? The plumpness of youth sadly lasts only so long, and while some of you might be blessed with lack of dark circles, everybody gets those bitchy wrinkles. So Beware!

Luckily for you we have tried up almost all there is the market in the search of the perfect eye cream that targets fine lines without having to sacrifice our wine budget.

Bodyshop is much loved and rightly so with their cruelty free brand image and tempting packaging. Their Vitaim-E range is has something that is suitable for almost all ages. Vitamin-E for those of you who don’t know is known for the following :

  • Intense Moisturizing
  • Reducing brown spots/dark patches
  • Reducing visibility of present wrinkles
  • Slowing down appearance of future wrinkles
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Vitamin-E Eye Cream

The Cream We So Love Costs Only 895

It contains Hyaluronic acid which is what most moisturizing creams contain yet something about this concoction is different. It simply works wonders. It also claims to treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Though we agree it does all that it claims, it is definitely the best at reducing fine lines than the other two claims.

We do warn though that like any product that boasts of reducing fine lines, this will cause mild irritation in the early days of application till your skin gets used to it. We suggest you use it on alternative days if this is your first time using an anti-ageing eye cream because your skin will take some getting used to the strong stuff. What we love about this cream the most is that a little goes a long way, which means you are sorted for at least 2-3 months.

#BadassTip : Use the cream leftover on your fingertips to moisturise your smile line. You will thank us in a few years for this tip, trust us!