Confessions of an Introvert

We often get messages from our readers and requests to join our micro networking whatsapp group #BBBrigade, but it's not very often that girls approach us to feature them on our website. 


The words Ratnika Vyas chose to describe herself were "shy", "introvert" & "submissive". 

"Submissive" is what stood out for us. It's not a common term used by most of us unless we're into the whole kinky 50 shades of Grey kinda thing. Her definition of herself as a "submissive" seemed loosely based on the perceptions of the others around her. She went on to describe her life growing up and told us how she was emotionally harassed most of her life, for falling under the "good girl" stereotype physically. The seniors at her first job constantly badgered and bullied her not because she wasn't good enough at her work, but solely due to her demure looks. 

While first impressions make for a lasting image on our brains, it's horrible to box up a human under a label without knowing any better and even worse when you go on to harass them based on those notions. Ratnika faced bullying throughout her life and it only heightened at her job in the advertising industry. Being brought up in a conventional Indian household, she had been taught never to push the boundaries, question the actions of the society or even her own state. Yet somehow despite all of that conditioning and a lifelong prep to become a simple girl who is content with what life has to offer even if it mostly comprises of harassment, she decided to take a chance.

When someone told her about an audition for a screen test she thought of giving it a try. Her fluke landed her the gig despite her lack of confidence that was engrained in her existence thanks to years of undermining. In her own words this gig "Changed her life!" 

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 3.52.21 pm.png

She is now an upcoming anchor for luxury and lifestyle brands across the events space and travels the world to showcase the best brands, products, experiences, and some of the most influential figures in the luxury industry. She also hosts  live red carpet shows interviewing fashion designers , managers, and celebrity team owners and has already successfully hosted over 150 shows.

There was no looking back to her off screen character once she had chosen her on screen persona! While off screen Ratnika remained the cute shy girl that everybody bossed around without any resistance from her end, on screen she was the woman of her day dreams : strong, confident, brave and powerful. 

She's not a starlet. Not yet. This is not a success story meant to get your adrenaline gushing so that you can dream of conquering the world in the next 2 weeks. Her story deserves to be known because she is like any other regular girl who despite what people convinced her about herself, decided to bet on herself by shattering the box they put her in. Her journey is just getting started and we hope soon enough yours does too.


Note to all Bullies & Bullied :

Just because you've had the privilege of an over appreciated macro confident childhood and youth, don't go around bullying the tender ones who haven't had the same luxury. Even if you are an underprivileged creature who thinks that just because life gave you lemons, it is alright to throw that lemonade into someone's face, it is not! Bullying is never okay no matter what your history or what your current status. 

Those of you who have been bullied or are still going through the pain, first of all talk to someone about it. A trusted friend or a therapist! Don't let it slide by normalising it as it definitely can scar you and that is not something we want for you.