Clarifying Crystal Healing

The matcha drinking, headstand loving, vegan eating, slow life living bunch of millennials are growing at a rapid rate, and while this whole idea of holistic living sounds new and hip, it’s anything but. Just like micro sunnies from the Matrix era & kick flare pants from the Spice girls age are back because of the well-known fashion cycle, our ancestors’ lifestyles are back in trend with an upgrade thanks to the western civilizations approval. Most Indians (most of our desi parents!) have been into gems and gemmology and our generation has mostly dismissed their beliefs as superstition; but when the same faith in crystals and semi precious stones is trickling into our social media feed all the way from the west, we are bias to the trend thanks to the ‘good vibes only’ motto our generation preaches.


If you track pop culture as closely as we do, you are surely aware of the Crystal healing movement that has taken over the west (specially LA), and what goes on in the west, must come to the east!!

Endorsed by the likes of Sophia Amoruso (OG #GirlBoss), Victoria Beckham, The Hadid Family, Olsen Twins and even Adele, it’s more of a lifestyle now than just a hippie favourite. Heck, Kim Kardashian’s perfume range’s packaging was entirely inspired by her love for crystals. And love it or hate it, if Kim K is the unofficial ambassador for crystals, this indie lifestyle is not only here to stay but it is going to become mainstream soon enough.

Here in India though the power of crystals is yet to go viral. Even if you have heard of it, pretty sure you have a bunch of questions about the whole thing. This is exactly why we decided to clarify some obvious doubts with the help of two lovely ladies who are trying to spread the untapped energy of crystals in India.


Eina Ahluwalia


Eina is a well known jewellery designer whose designs revolve around feminism and spirituality. Her namesake brand has over a period of time managed to consistently align itself with social activism. The brand’s latest range ‘Awake’ is a collection about a lightness of being, resting on a bedrock of quiet confidence that comes with having a seriously committed relationship with ourselves. The beautiful designs come adorned with semi precious stones set in precious metal, each created with a different intent and affect for the wearer.


Shabnam Contractor - Farishte Crystals


Farishte Crystals has created itself from the space of sharing and spreading the message of crystals which can help enhance and uplift the spirit of an individual and the collective. Shabnam has been associated with practicing and teaching, meditation, yoga, philosophy and other holistic healing modalities since decades and Farishte Crystals is her initiative to combine all her knowledge in service of her clients.


Is Crystal Healing a Science?


Crystal healing is metaphysics and not a science as of now. Yet, it is as real and tangible as such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, the chakras and the aura of our bodies. At one time Ayurveda was debunked by science, whereas today we know that it is just a series of natural, healthy, sensible lifestyle choices that lead to good health. Similarly, if human beings have been using crystals for healing since more than 100,000 years ago there might be something in it that we may have forgotten.

Crystal healing does not involve just wearing a stone, there is a lot more to it. Crystals can be programmed, charged, meditated upon, and need to be cleansed, and there is much to be studied about the different kinds of crystals and their healing properties.


Crystals are piezoelectric and are used in technological advances in many areas of  science.

I say that it's an experiential science, and there are many users who experience amplified levels of health and well being. Increased energy levels, focus, concentration, and basically every aspect of our life can be enhanced by the use of crystals in everyday living. Each crystal, apart from the mineral composition, also has metaphysical properties. That they are our planet Earth's gift to us, is getting more evident as users experience breakthroughs and upliftment, increasing its popularity as a healing tool globally.


 What’s the one crystal that everyone must have?


  Clear rock quartz for it’s ability to amplify, clarify and focus healing energy or to focus it. It is one of the most abundantly available, ordinary to look at, yet extraordinary crystals available to us. Clear Quartz the most versatile and multidimensional stone in the mineral kingdom for healing, meditation, expansion of consciousness, communication with guides, past-life recall, attracting love or prosperity, or virtually any purpose.


There are approximately 5000 minerals and new ones being discovered everyday! Each crystal has individual properties and metaphysical uses, so it would be difficult to pin down the one crystal that works for everything. Besides, crystals work best in a combination for specific issues. 


 Do you need faith for them to work?


  Yes, as in the case of most metaphysical and holistic healing, faith is an integral part of the process. Crystals are incredibly old and wise, and willing to communicate when an individual is open and ready to receive.


 If you believe it, you make it possible and manifestation takes place. That's true for everything we do.


How to use them?


The crystal needs to be within your auric field for it to work. Which is why they work perfectly well as jewellery, or as worry stones in the pocket, or tumble stones in a hand bag. However, if they touch the skin, the transmission of energy can be better and more focused and so this is always a good thing.


There are several ways to do that. You can meditate with a crystal held in your palm, or place it on the chakras. Some can be kept under your pillow, or carried in your purse or pocket. Our crystal jewellery is another way that clients harness crystal frequencies. No right or wrong way to use crystals. Go by the way which "feels" right to you.


Is it a substitute for medicine?


 Crystals have subtle healing properties and by itself cannot cure diseases, so one must not rely on them to be the sole cure for illnesses that have already manifested in the body.


 Crystals are a healing tool and not a substitute for any traditional medication or line of treatment. 


 Humans have planted their faith in many things over the centuries ranging from demons to Gods/Goddesses and everything in between to everything beyond; and Crystals & Gems have been a part of the very same civilisation for as long as 60,000 years in the form of amulets, charms or jewels. The mysticism has seduced not only Indians, but Russians, Egyptians, Mexicans, Chinese and even the Greeks. Knowing it's history and global appeal, it's not a superstition that you can brush aside and so we suggest, you to give it a shot for yourself before concluding on extreme opinions ignorantly.

To help you begin your journey on this majestic path of crystal healing, we are sharing a few of our favourite crystals with their said benefits :



helps with leadership & associated with creativity and wealth



gets rid of negativity & is known to help shun addictions



for Love, Self Love & Positivity



gives strength, improves intuition and protects aura. 




is known for healing & amplifying the strength of other crystals.



helps with all PMS issues