No, we do not hate Louis Vuitton!

We are however super tired of seeing the LV monogram leather everywhere we go. Owning one is probably like a rite of passage to become socially relevant in this age and we get it completely, but ladies can we at least try and mix it up every once in a while? We know how the perfect tote from a luxury label is a mandatory investment, but learn to invest in the rare underdog rather than the common favourite. Yes, we did just give you fashion and investment advice at the same time! 

So well, while you were busy getting the best deal on your very own Classic Vuitton Monogram Neverfall, you totally overlooked these refreshingly sophisticated signature styles from other labels. You see, a signature bag is one that may be recognised from afar, logo or no logo. 

Swipe along to break your brown & beige LV monotony with a tote for every personality and pocket to take you from AM to PM and from one time zone to another.

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