Guide to Eco Friendly Periods

Graphic by Team BeBadass

Graphic by Team BeBadass

We know (& hope) that you're aware of the environmental hazard that your pads and tampons can be and want to switch to a more eco friendly option. There have been a bunch of women who have spoken about their preferences lately on social media but we understand how it can get confusing knowing it's a relatively new idea in India. So to ease your life and do our part towards building a sustainable environment, we have prepared a list of all (almost all) the brands offering eco friendly pads and menstrual cups in India. 





While Cups are said to be the most efficient and sustainable in the long run for you and our environment, the shift can still be overwhelming for some. Or maybe you have given it a shot and it's not for you. You can still do your part towards a sustainable future by opting for one of these eco-freindly pad options :

Nurture Organics

Nurture creates organic, hypoallergenic & chemical free sanitary pads and panty liners to avoid discomfort and rashes.
Entry Price : 150 for 10 pads | 15/pad

Eco Femme
The Tamil Nadu based, women led social enterprise makes washable pads as an alternative to the disposable ones.
Entry Price : 1525 for 8 pads | 225/pad when bought separately

Saathi Pads
Founded by graduates from MIT (US), Harvard and Nirma,  innovators in the use of alternative materials and zero-waste production, Saathi is a social enterprise and manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products. Saathi pads are made with banana fibre because of its highly absorbent properties, and the environmental and social benefits of its supply chain. 
Entry Price : 180 for 8 pads | 22/pad approx.

The brands creates pads out of corn starch and bamboo fiber and come in a wide variety of options. They spend a part of their earnings in providing safe and healthy menstrual hygiene products to Indian women in need.
Entry Price : 299 for 10 pads | 30/pad

They create biodegradable sanitary pads and bamboo brushes. What we love about them is how transparent they are, stating clearly that they do use synthetic materials in some cases where absolutely necessary. 
Entry Price : 350 for 10 pads | 35/pad

Soch offers a range of healthy alternatives to disposable period products, they are made of reusable and/or biodegradable materials like combed cotton and microfibre. Their products revolve around the reuse philosophy offering period panties, leak proof & reusable menstrual cloth pads and something called the Inter labia pads.
Entry Price : 165/pad | 180/pad (leakproof)

Hey Day
Hey Day creates anti bacterial, eco-friendly chemical free, full coverage pads that are available in two variations - Maxi Fluff & Ultra Thin.
Entry Price : 99 for 7 pads | 14/pad approx.

A popular international brand available in India offering a wide variety of organic pads and even tampons available at select Organic stores.
Entry Price : 315 for 12 pads | 26/pad approx.




Menstrual cups usually made out of silicone have been gaining popularity in the recent past. They are the most cost effective and environment friendly option you can opt, when it comes to doing your part for the nature as a woman. Being a relatively new method in India, it can be difficult to look for all the different brands available in the market before taking your pick, so we compiled a few names offered in the Indian market as of now :

Boondh is an enterprise with a social mission to make the menstrual cup available in India at affordable prices with great quality, comfort and usage support as an economical, environmental friendly and healthier alternative.
 Entry Price : 590/cup

This brand is more of a social enterprise that works towards educating girls/women in rural and urban areas about feminine hygiene and biology. They are also closely associated with plat drives and cervical cancer awareness programs amongst sex-workers.
Entry Price : 996/cup

Silky Cup
Reusable menstrual Silky Cup are created for girls and women of all ages and flow levels with sizes ranging from Small to Large and can be reused up to 5 years. This is the cheapest one available in the market as of now.
Entry Price : 300/cup

Diva Cup
Perhaps the most popular and oldest menstrual cup brand across the globe, this is the first name you hear when you begin your cup research. Their two sizes are based on a pre and post child birth which makes sense. 
Entry Price : 3000/cup approx.

This amazing Indian brand has a wide variety of products for women that are otherwise not seen in India, like pain patches, intimate (aka vagina) wipes, breast pads, variety of tampons and menstrual cups all available on Amazon.
Entry Price : 450/cup

An Indian brand that caters to baby and mother care, it offers three sizes in the menstrual cup category.

Entry Price : 399/cup

If we have missed out brands that you have tried and tested, please comment below and let us know so we can add it to the list.