Is Plant Girl The New Cat Lady?

As generations go by us women go on becoming more high maintenance than before. More things to do, stuff to buy and time to devote, all for the sake of your well being. Be it working or relaxing, we do have more options than women have ever had throughout the history of womanhood. This has also lead to some other lesser talked about trends, like the choice of a pet.

Ages back the pet of choice for ladies used to be a cute little pony or even a stallion, which then progressed towards a much more manageable option, dogs. The love for canines has been a popular one amongst women since quite a while, be it the Queen’s beloved Corgis or be it Paris Hilton’s infamous Chihuahua. Then started emerging women’s inevitable affection towards cats. Sure, Audrey Hepburn had one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but it was more as a quirky character description than a representation of the popular choice during those times. Slowly but surely though, the felines did start cat walking their way into women’s hearts. Our very own Alia Bhatt's Edward and Jacqueline Fernandez's Miu Miu are proof of the cat lady trend in India.

Now if you ask most cat owners, of course they have a heartwarming amount of love towards kittens but what they would also mention is how low maintenance cats are. Dogs need to be walked, petted, coddled at times (some would argue almost as much if not more than babies). There is no denying that little fluffy kittens are a bundle of joy (for some) but you also cannot ignore the fact that a big chunk of women opting for cats as their preferred pet has a lot to do with the fact that they just aren’t needy. You can go off to work without having to worry about them as long as you left their feed out in their bowl. That is all you need to to do, in order to be a good cat mother.

Knowing change is the nature of this animal loving universe you didn’t expect dogs or cats to be the most popular pet choice forever did you?

Enter plants! 

As our lives up their paces, even cats seem unmanageable to some of us. Plants however require the least amount of care when you compare all the creatures mentioned above with poor little plants. Some sunlight and little water, "et voila!" You are a proud mom of the new lushness that instead of mooching off of you, gives you life sustaining oxygen! Isn’t that a swell deal?

It’s actually all fun and jokes till you take a minute to understand the situation here.

As centuries progress, our ability to take responsibly for a living being is declining. The busier we get, the more moolah we make, the less time we decide to give to a pet and in fact we alter our choices according to our lifestyle. Even then, some women claim they cannot even keep a plant alive! Think about that!


..Soon all of us will be petting a piece of Rose Quartz, or snuggling up with a Black Tourmaline.. 

If that is what the world is progressing to, then soon all of us will be petting a piece of Rose Quartz, or snuggling up with a Black Tourmaline if you already aren’t.

We do not intend to kill your buzz revolving around the new succulent you plan on adopting, but only to plant a seed of thought that germinates into an action, which hopefully results in you understanding and prioritising your spiritual wants over the superficial needs in life.