The Latest in Well-Being: Why You Need a Life Doula

Women are inherently built for community. In the early days, they gathered to carry out their daily chores and did everything together - raising children, cooking, eating and working as a tribe. There is strength in numbers and comfort in companionship but with our increasingly isolating culture, it is harder to build these intensely enriching bonds.

life doula

 The rise of social media is built on that very core of human desire - the need to connect. Ironically, this has served to distance us, just as much as it has helped to unite us, but that is a conversation for another time. Amidst a culture of busyness, with everyone, from your sister to your best friend caught in a rat race, it is increasingly harder to receive the empathy and validation that women need to see them through important life transitions.

 Enter the ‘Life Doula’. While traditionally, doulas offered specialised support to mothers before and after childbirth, guiding them through the process of labour, postpartum care etc., there has emerged a new niche of services that extend beyond this singular life transition.

life doula

 Among their insightful list of the hottest trends for 2020, WGSN predicts the rise of Life Doulas, who, “are emerging to help people ease their transitions in everything from fertility to careers and relationships, and as the wellness industry continues to boom, we predict this trend will go global by 2020. Think of it as a life coach, but with more empathy and spirituality.”

 Women form the cords that bind the smallest unit of family together, and, in turn, bind all of society together.

This involves making multiple critical decisions, and juggling various responsibilities, both inside and outside the home. Women are highly emotional beings and this is undoubtedly a strength but it also means that we are expending huge amounts of emotional energy, each time we make tough choices. 

This can often lead to exhaustion, anxiety and result in decision fatigue (deteriorating quality of decisions made as a result of prolonged decision-making) and analysis paralysis (the inability to make a decision/reach an outcome due to incessant, crippling over-analyzing). 

From navigating singlehood, to finding a partner, to working on an important project, and dealing with empty nest syndrome, women experience a gamut of life-altering circumstances. And who better than another trusted woman to walk alongside you, every step of the way?

life doula

Life Doulas provide constant support, encouragement, advice, education and act as advocates or cheerleaders as they guide you through life. Unlike therapy which is more psychology-focused and life coaching, which is more mentorship-focused, doulas form a more hands-on, organic relationship with their client. They become deeply involved with the actual execution of ideas, dealing with circumstances and preparing their clients for these in a more wholesome manner.

Doulas come in all shapes and sizes, and some even offer specialized services. For instance, there are doulas who offer “period coaching”, helping you cope with cramps and PMS. You’re in safe hands with women who are naturally caring, compassionate and empathetic. Women can greatly benefit from leaning on life doulas, as they can process their emotions better, voice their hesitations and concerns, and weigh their choices in a more balanced manner, leading to better outcomes. This also empowers women, allowing them to overcome the fear, guilt, shame and second-guessing that often plague their everyday decisions.

 Although women are naturally warriors who are well-equipped to handle difficulty, sometimes all we need is someone who believes in us and can stand by us. Life Doulas are the perfect confidante, offering focused attention and quality support, just when you need it the most.