MEN's MARCH 2068




Why is it, that Sexuality is always associated with women? Why don’t we discuss the sexuality or objectification of men that often?

Has the lack of conversation around male sexuality given birth to an insecurity so deep that they need to over compensate it by mansplaining, raping and hitting women? Maybe that is the reason for all of this sexism, isn’t it?

Maybe, the only thing required to be done by all feminists fighting for equal rights is to sexualise men and compose sonnets, romanticising the size of their penises. There could be couplets about their testicles and item songs emphasising the tautness of their chest muscles. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Why don’t we all give this a try for say half a century and see how they come marching to us for their freaking rights because they feel objectified by us?

Picture it ladies!

March, 2068 - Some good looking men along with a majority of not so good looking ones, without their shirts and some maybe pants, showing of their chiseled bodies that they worked on so hard to create, because secretly they loved being objectified by us. Visualise them marching around demanding from us, women who run most of the world, equal rights because they “have had enough”. Imagine the female politicians in charge ignoring these pleas completely and feeling satisfied while maintaining a poker face publicly? Sights for sore eyes wouldn’t you say?

Before you go all Femi-Nazi on this piece, please spare us your condescending invaluable input for we know that Feminism is equality and that is all we desire from this world as well. BUT, wouldn’t it be nice for men to experience what we have been going through for generations just for a short span of 50 years? Agreed it’s a far-fetched wish, but hey a girl can fantasise!