Pressure Of Positivity is Poop

Sure everybody loves those positivity quotes on Instagram and buys those Bullshit positivity invoking self-help books (very Insta-worthy we agree!) but when we fail to follow those optimistic footsteps it’s a major disappointment.

Most of the preaching leads you to believe that only if you remain positive in your life, shall the universe manifest your wishes. However this concept is not only illogical, it also sounds like the beginning of a Cult.

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$9.9 Billion

is the number that defines the market for self-help books in USA alone, according to Marketdata Enterprises, Inc.(a leading independent market research publisher  since 1979).

Despite the self-help/positivity scripture market being at an all time high, the depression rates have risen at the same alarming rate. This inverse proportion (self-help books & mental health that is) solidifies the futility of the pep talk facade. 

As humans we have a wide array of bewildering emotions, some bad and some good (subjective of course). The ideal human doesn’t let go of all of his not so ‘good’ emotions, but rather he/she learns to balance. (We talk only of normal humans and not the godly ascetics who have given up materialism for an emotionless devotional state obviously.)

As a regular being it is nearly impossible for you to let go of the lows and the negativity they bring in your millennial life. However chasing after an optimistic state where apparently nothing brings you down (as per most self help books) and staring yourself into the mirror while smiling and chanting whatever mantra is recommended and hoping for an eternal state of sunshine is you simply being self destructive.

The thing is that even though they say you find god when you truly look for him/her, it is mighty foolish to look for something that you are not sure exists, and that in this case is a consistent positive state of existence. Such attempts will lead you to bottle up emotions, or maybe even create a delusional parallel universe, both of which are scary prospects.

Instead of chasing after an unrealistic mirage, that despite your better judgements you were convinced to believe is real (thanks to all that peppy text), learn to embrace the reality and tackle it. Pressuring yourself to neglect what are considered to be the vices of our emotions is unhealthy. Sometimes it is ok be sad, be down, cry, scream, and howl. What's important is that you acknowledge your current state, sleep over it, pick your self up the next morning and repeat the hustle all over again.

Sure learning from that low is important. Track back your steps and see if any of your actions led to this state of yours, and if so, make sure never to repeat it again. On the other hand if someone else caused it, then try and step away from this toxicity. However if the cause was absolutely not in your hand, then even though they say no point in crying over spilled milk, cry a little and maybe cry some more. We get it, and you should let your emotions go. Do not let the pressure of being positive turn your body into a bottled up canister of all the negativity that you refuse of embrace.