Shows You Need To Watch To Stay Woke

WOKE - Aware about social issues/current affairs.

We live in a time where we cannot afford to simply live in denial and delude all the troubles of the world by binge watching a show till our brain goes numb. The need to stay woke is crucial when we are on the verge of a revolution (& maybe World War III). The following list comprises of shows that are not only helpful in getting you in sync with the social issues of the society but are also entertaining AF!

Once again, you're welcome for sorting out your weekend plans while pumping up your woke quotient!




If you think that the application of the premise of this show would be solely in US, you are wrong. It's addresses racism, sexism, and all kinds of intersectional discriminations possible and all in a very witty manner. Set in a college where activism is as important as McDonalds, it's got sex, tension, drama, enlightenment and so much more. If you are anywhere between 16-20 something, you need to definitely watch this show for not only entertainment, but also learning about sensitive issues that otherwise may seem too tedious. It's 1st on this list for a reason!




Inspired by the actual team of Glamorous Ladies Of Wrestling (hence GLOW) from 80's America, this period drama is all kinds of entertaining. The costumes make you crack up for sure, but that doesnt take away from the issues the show addresses : single working motherhood, self esteem, apologetic ambition in women, #womensupportwomen , diverse sexuality and so on. It won't just lift up your spirits but will also make you realise that despite how far we've come in our war against patriarchy, some things sadly still remain as they were over three decades ago and so we have a long long way to go.




Based on Margaret Thatcher's 1985 dystopian novel, this is not for the faint of heart. It highlights the plight of women in an extremely patriarchal society where there is no room for individualism or freedom. It's disturbing to the core if you begin analysing the show and it's scary specially because of how possible this hypothetical situation seems with the current state of global affairs. The show will first of all make you extremely grateful for your current existence as a woman but also inspire you to understand the relevance of all the human rights activism going around.




Despite the fact that it is a one part monologue by a stand up comedian (Hannah Gadsby), this show is nothing like standard comedy. It's life essence with a side of dark wit that will raise your awareness level and push you to view life differently. It's inspiringly written and brilliantly performed.

This actually needs to made compulsory for all school and college students.




Another period drama, this time set in 50's America, this show (by the creator of Gilmore Girls!) revolves around the life of a sassy housewife who went from a devoted trophy wife to become a badass standup artist. Her character is delightfully hilarious and shows how women can do the unexpected and even excel if they put their minds to it. We specially appreciate how despite the fact that Miriam Maisel's story is based in the 50's the themes are still relevant today. Be it women not being considered funny, or sidelined for their talents due to their gender, or having to apologise for their ambition or being expected to put their family life first. It's so damn relatable and so damn funny that the only word we can think of to describe the show is 'wonderful'!



Shocked that a comedy talent show is on the list? So are we!

But no seriously, you need to watch this show and understand how comedy today is not limited to poop, sex and awkward humans. It's come a long way to cleverly address relevant issues in a way that does the job of making you laugh, but also pinches you to take notice of the harsh realities that you wanted to ignore by watching this. This is not a comedy show, it's public service!




We are all guilty of binge watching those extremely juicy but often senseless shows that revolve around quirky female leads. The Bold Type is all that, but with a dose of wokeness so cleverly addressed in each issue that it reminds you of how a mother might lace the child's food or beverage with medicine or in worst case scenario healthy food! No, seriously! Set in a feminist fashion magazine where these 3 women (in mid 20s, 2 straight & 1 bi-sexual so far) work, it's got forbidden affairs, fashion, religion, feminism, ambition, body positivity, and topping it all great female boss that will give you #bossgoals


If you feel we've missed out something, comment below and do the badass sisterhood a favour!