Marilyn Monroe, Iris Apfel, Rekha, Dita Von Teese and Victoria Beckham all have one thing in common, and that is a unique sense of personal style so identifiable that a line drawing in not more than 2 shades will be enough to ensure they are recognisable. What they have is a signature style and no it does need to be loud or in your face (though it definitely can be). Now you can go ahead and endorse a full on uniform as your signature but our point being that it isn't a must. Think of it as your very own identification mark, which in our opinion is extendable to even your quirks (think Audrey Hepburn's smoke pipe in BAT)

A signature style comes early to some and after a heavy OD of experimentation to others. It could be born out of an obsession for red lips, an itch for hoops, a footwear fetish, a faith in the good old all black ensemble or simply deeply smeared kohl eyes. There are no rules whatsoever. All it takes is that you be utterly comfortable with that one (or multiple) consistent element and so into it that you can carry on your affair with it for the rest of your life. You could be a freelancer, a student, a CEO or a 9-5 professional, recognising a signature is not at all superficial or just about fashion. It is like the top note of a perfume that one experiences first of all before discovering the soul of the fragrance. A Signature style is the essence of your personality, and it goes beyond style to habits and mannerisms or whatever else you want it to be. 

Here are a few reasons why you should have a signature style :

Knowledge of your signature style, which could be an entire attire or just an element in your overall look, you need to think of one less thing. Black nails your thing? Well every week when you do over your manicure you can mindlessly go on with it without having to waste your time on selecting a fresh shade, time that you can use to hustle better and harder in life. It may seem stupid, but it is not, why else did Steve Jobs wear that uniform of his all the time??


You may say that many can be obsessed with linen sarees or silver jewellery or cat eyes, but we refute by saying that any of those things clubbed with your exclusive self (yes you are exclusive!) is what makes the signature YOUR signature. It's how you carry it as an accessory along with your distinctive personality that will make you stand out and unique.


Be it love at first sight with leather jackets or a long journey that leads you to well tailored blazers, once you've decided this one element is something you adore immensely, there is no turning back. The fact that you appreciate it so much means that whenever you sport this style, you exude confidence and we all know how important confidence is to empower yourself ladies, don't we? So the next time you be nervous before a presentation or conscious on a first date, you know your signature style is gonna be your shield and make you feel good and look bold, and it's uphill from there.


Sure you can splurge on as many variations of your signature white tees if you want, but if you can't, that is alright too because (a) nobody will know the difference (b) you can pull it off in a different way everyday! Honestly though, having a signature look really helps you avoid having useless options in life, because knowing your signature, you can stick to it and avoid clutter in life. If you pray at the alter of red lips, then who needs to waste money on nudes, pinks and all that is in between and beyond? Again may sound lame, but think of the French women and it will add up for you.


While first impressions may not be the last ones, they sure are lasting and we think that in this fast forward world of infinite impressions on social media, you need to etch on someones subconscious so deep, that they never forget that gorgeous image of you. So the thing is that even though we may not register humans when we meet them due to distractions(hi Instagram), our genius subconscious will register an image if the brain notices something striking about that person. If you are lucky the frenzied being you meet might snap out of it by your obsession for sequins but if you aren't, you are still being registered in their brain!