With the recent women empowerment revolutions that have taken over the world by storm, all designers are trying hard and fast to interpret it in their designs. It's a brilliant thing of course, BUT the issue is that most have been inspired in the most literal sense possible. Be it the "Future is Female" tees from DIOR to the currently trending pant suits for women from all labels possible and let's not forget the structured sharp black dresses because "Times Up", or the fairy tale shimmery ball gowns. One man has managed to break the monotony by not only crashing the cycle of the so called 'Feminist Fashion' but also by pushing the boundaries of his own label! Yes Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino this couture season has managed to outdone himself.

Couture is all about innovation and while many forget that, he manages to prove that he hasn't forgotten that at all! You see, there are three main foundations of fashion, Colour, Cut & Texture, and a combination of these three is all you have to conjure up something new. Valentino had a perfect balance of novel fabrics to go with regular silhouettes on one hand while bold colours forming exaggerated shapes in regular fabrics on the other. It was a beautiful balance that came out as daring yet pleasing. His collection had dresses but they were far from conventional ball gowns that couture is associated with. Sure there were bows, embellishments, taffeta & tulle and shades of pink to blossom your femininity but together with trenches, sweatshirts, sharp tailoring and shades of blue & green the range also had the quintessential millennial androgyny covered. Trust us when we say this Spring Haute Couture collection has something for everyone!! His concept of couture managed to communicate the need for self acceptance. It is symbolic of the fact that you don't always need a tuxedo, an all black ensemble or a fancy gown to stand out and exude power. We all have our identities and our unique senses of style and Pierpaolo understands the need for developing couture befitting all kinds of personalities (rich ones obviously, it's couture after all!). His collection communicates the need for us ladies to be our distinctive selves, but more importantly be the best dressed couture version of ourselves! 

If his couture teaches us anything worth learning, it's that not just Princesses get to go to the ball, the Independent Badass Women also get a pass. The Princess may have her pomp, prince and daddy sponsored custom Prada, but this patriarchy defying modern Self Made #BadassBoss has new age Valentino that she earned herself!

Our Trend Takeaways From The Range :


1) Colour Play


2) B&W Floral


3) Textured Textiles


4) Bow Blow


5) Midas Touch


6) Feathery Fluff

Image Courtesy : VOGUE