Why I'm Defending Kylie Jenner


In an interesting turn of events, I have decided to defend Kylie Jenner and trust me if this is shocking to you, it's close to an existential crisis for me.

On 11th July, when Forbes shared a full bio on Kylie "How 20-Year-Old Kylie Jenner Built A $900 Million Fortune In Less Than 3 Years", along with a sneak peek of their August cover calling their cover star the youngest "self-made billionaire", the world went into a frenzied chaos. Memes were made, trolls trolled, tweets retweeted, and everybody as always had an opinions, mostly shading Kylie & Forbes. While calling our Forbes for their choice of words still makes sense, shading Jenner really does not!

On one hand the latest wave of feminism is gaining momentum across the world and debates on intersectional feminism are sparked every now and then by a learned activist trying to enlighten the ignorant. On the other hand, somehow the same feminism, the intersectional kinds I mean, fails to take under it's wings the 'entitled' women. Agreed that the whole idea of “intersectionality" coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw nearly three decades ago was an attempt to “make feminism, anti-racist activism, and anti-discrimination law highlight the multiple avenues through which racial and gender oppression were experienced so that the problems would be easier to discuss and understand," but does it mean that privileged women are immune to their feminist rights?  

Dictionary.com shading Forbes on Twitter

Dictionary.com shading Forbes on Twitter

See if the idea is to protect women of all backgrounds then you cannot conveniently exclude a woman from your ideology of Intersectional Feminism just because she is a rich white girl.  

(Just an FYI, I am no entitled millennial and I have experienced discrimination based on my gender, age and family background. Now while I am envious of Ms. Jenner and swore never to buy her lip kit so that I don't contribute to her empire (which didn't really help as you can see!), I cannot ignore the bias of this situation.)

As per Forbes she "leveraged her assets to gain both fame and money" and sure they are right but should we crucify her for the family she was born into? You can be jealous like me, and that's acceptable, but saying that she did not deserve the tag is just ludicrous because guess what, her almost billionaire worth is a fact and your opinion is penniless!

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If you are gonna blame her for being rich, then you might as well hate people for being poor.

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Millennials are supposedly the most entitled generation, and while most of them are busy flaunting their "entitlement", she decided to use it as a foundation to multiply everything she already had. Sure she had advantages, but so did her sisters and yet she is the richest of not only of them all, but she's gonna be the youngest "self made" billionaire beating most men! We as women should be glad that a woman is topping the list, because supporting all women in their success is the good kind of Feminism!

On a separate note the whole controversy around the phrase "Self-Made" used by Forbes, honestly seems like a publicity tactic that is working marvellously!